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The Photo Library provides photos of Fukuoka Prefecture's sightseeing spots and facilities as well as events in the form of digital data. Feel free to utilize these photos to promote Fukuoka Prefecture after reading the terms of use.

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Terms of Service

[All of the photos posted on this website are available for download. Feel free to use them as a screensaver!]

  • Click any photo to see its enlargement. To save photos: Windows-users - right-click the enlarged photo and select the "Save Picture As" option; Mac-users - click the enlarged photo while pressing the control key and select the "Download Picture to Disk" option

[Please read the following Usage Guidelines before using photos.]

  • The use of these photos for publicly or morally offensive purposes is prohibited.
  • Individual users are responsible for the appropriate usage of photos.
  • Crossroad Fukuoka is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of photos posted on this site.
  • These images of this site are NOT allowed to sell or lend for commercial purposes.

[Please direct all inquiries to the following:]

  • Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association TEL:092-645-0019

Photo Posting Guidelines

  1. 1. All photos submitted are the copyright of the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association.
  2. 2. Please submit photographs related to the promotion of tourism in Fukuoka Prefecture only (i.e., no commemorative or personal photographs).
  3. 3. After determining whether or not to post the submitted photo[s], the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association will make said photo[s] public on this website. Please be aware that not all photos will be posted.
  4. 4. Whether or not submitted photo[s] will be posted as downloadable to other viewers shall be at the discretion of the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association.
  5. 5. The title[s] and description[s] of the submitted photo[s] may be edited by the Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association.
  6. 6. The title[s] and description[s] of the submitted photo[s] may be translated into various foreign languages before being posted on each respective website.
  7. 7. While the E-mail address provided at the time of photo[s] submission will not be made public on this website, the site operator may contact the contributor about said photo[s].