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Chikuzen Izuka Hina no Matsuri (Festival of Dolls)(Number of Hits:1769 Times)

The doll researcher Ms.Mamiko Senoshita is the promoter of this festival. Chikuzen Izuka Hina no Matsuri (Festival of Dolls) began in 1999 (Heisei 11). At the main venue alone there are over 1,300 dolls! In fact, there are 10,000 dolls coming from all over Iizuka City which can been seen! For the duration of the festival, visitors from inside and outside of the prefecture pour into the city! There is a different theme every year for the festival! Some past themes were the Best Tatami Doll in Japan! and the Knowledgeable Doll. Childern and adults can also experience dressing up as dolls themeselves!

Date February 04, 2017 - March 28, 2017
Address 820-0041 14-67 Izuka, Izuka-shi, Fukuoka; throughout the urban area centered around the shopping arcade
Contact Tel:0948-22-3511 
Izuka Sightseeing Association
Fees Prices depends on the venue
Parking Parking for 130 cars
Access *40 minute drive from Fukuoka Interchange off of Kyushu Expressway
*40 minute drive from Yahata Interchange off of Kyushu Expressway
*10 minute drive from Honamihigashi Interchange off of the Yakiyama Bypass
*15 minute walk from JR Chikuho Main Line Shin-Iizuka Station
Times Available Event period
February and March
10am-5pm (entry by 4:30pm)
Area Chikuho Area
Genre Cityscapes and Former Kaido Roads (History and Culture) Festival (Festivals and Events) Event (Festivals and Events) Traditional Event (Festivals and Events)
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